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At Dragon Consulting Group we are committed to creating better patient solutions by moving your idea into the hands of the clinicians serving them. Some of the best innovations are created by those closest to the patient, however, not always equipped with the knowledge, resources or infrastructure to take the idea and bring it to completion.

At Dragon, our mission is to help facilitate moving your idea, your creation, your solution from conception to realization. We are your elite one-stop-shop Independent Development House here to partner with you and bring innovation and solutions to the patient.



ABOUT US: A Unique Independent Development House

Dragon Consulting Group is comprised of medical device industry experts with more than twenty five years experience in the field of medical device development and project management.

Through our affiliations with industry specialists, we provide world class expertise to ensure that we build a focused, highly effective project team.  Our elite network of technical and strategic experts are able to create all of the project planning and execution tools. 

Unlike other development companies, not only does Dragon offer a full line of development services, but is also structured in a way that allows us to offer a broad range of development resources without the high overhead often seen with others.  Where other full line development houses may require full and exclusive use of their services, Dragon offers a modular approach that allows the client to fully tailor the services engaged to suit the client and project needs.







Using surveys, interviews, market research and observation, Dragon Consulting Group works closely with the customer to develop a customer-centric and focused strategy.


Through our diverse backgrounds and reach, we identify partnering opportunities and processes that will most efficiently and effectively take your concept to the next level.


Establishing key milestones and Key Performance Indicators with the client, we review progress at regularly defined intervals, adjusting the strategy or pathway as needed.


Working side by side with the inventor at each stage, we oversee the implementation process from start to finish.